Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Photos...The Ceremony!

As determined as I am to keep this blog scrapbook oriented this is something I feel I have to share.  I finally got the pro photos in from my wedding and they are gorgeous...and at least I can justify it on the basis that there will be a wedding album coming...or two considering the number of photos I have.

There is just a small portion of the photos I have from the ceremony.

 The boys waiting in the back for us to arrive.  I was 45 minutes late for my own wedding!

 US preparing to walk down the aisle.  My girls were more nervous than I was.

 My husband cartwheeled into place.  I missed seeing it cause I was in the back but I heard the crowd go wild.

Some of his family started a wave. 

The church we got married in is a heritage building.  In the back the walls are covered with photos of all the couples who have been married there.  Soon we'll be on the wall too! 

Now to post the group photos!  We have some great ones.

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