Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Photos...Group Shots!

Here are some of the group shots we took after the ceremony.

There was a hot dog stand by our photo location.  Total score!
The night before my wedding all the girls had lingerie party for me.  One friend gave me a sexy coupon book with cartoon pictures...the cartoon girl was making this face in everyone. 
My vintage shoe clips I bought on etsy.  Loved this "something old".
No summer day is complete without a trip to 7 Eleven for SLUSHEES!

 I know its cheesy but we had to have a train tracks photo...your wedding day photo shoot isn't complete without one.

 We only had our photographer for the beginning of our reception so I don't have pro picture of the party.  Here are a few of our set up and speeches though.

My wedding cake was made completely from scratch by my awesome friend Jen!  She slaved over it but it turned out awesome and was so good!

I loved my wedding!  Sorry for the total picture overload!  Believe it on not this is only about a tenth of the great photos I have.


  1. Wow! I can sure see that you loved your wedding! You had one awesome photographer! You are going to have one mammoth album to scrap there!!

  2. Wow! The most hilarious wedding pictures I've ever seen. You guys rock!!!

  3. beatiful pics!!!, they are very funny =)

  4. what wonderful wedding photos!

  5. You all look so vey happy. Well of course you are, but I mean happier and less stressed than most on the wedding day. What a FUN wedding!