Friday, October 29, 2010

Moustache Fight!...and Birthday Card

Moustache Fight
Here is a page I just did of my husband and I.  We got in a wrestling fight with an eyeliner pencil.  Of course he won but at least he let me give him a mustache too when it was over.

Birthday Card
Also, here is a quick birthday card I made for a friend of mine.  I love card making because its the perfect way to use your scraps!
Have a great weekend ladies!

Drum Roll Please: October Giveaway Winner!

Drum roll please!   The winner of my October "My Mind's Eye" giveaway winner is...

Kirsty Vittetoe 

Please get in contact with me asap so we can arrange the shipment.

Thanks everyone for participating.  Another chance to win will be posted soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One more page done for the Mexico album.  I'm not much of a finisher when it comes to scrapbooking but I am determined to get this album done before Christmas.  My husband just left for work for 24 days so at least I'm have some time to work on it.

I'm a big believer that less can often be more.  I love all these really detailed pages I see but my strong point is always using clean lines.  This page is definitely an example of that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Your New Toy

My hubby bought a crotch rocket!  I don't even know how I let him convince me to let him do it.  We went on a drive through the Okanagan to go pick it up.  It was a romantic day trip together.  Too bad he stopped loving me the second he saw it.  A man only has so much love and he my husband is using all of his on the bike.

I cut circles out of old sheet music to make this flower.  I loved using the kraft paper in this page.  It meant that I didn't have the paint the chipboard!

My New Baby - Finally Upgrading!

I am finally moving up in the world.  This weekend I bought a Nikon D40X with a 18 to 135 mm lens off of my little brother.  I am super excited!  Finally we are moving out of the world of point and shoots.

That being said I haven't learned to use it yet so right now my pictures are turning out better when I do use my point and shoot.  I'll be working on learning it a lot this month.

Wish me luck and share your advice if you know anything about making the switch to digital SLRs.  Hopefully I'll be able to take same great photos soon and it will lead to better scrapbooking.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Page Sketches: One and Two Page Layouts

Here are a few new page sketches I did.  Normally I am very biased towards two page sketches but since I've been blogging and checking out all your blogs I've decided to experiment and do more one page stuff. 

I already have pictures print for some of these pages...others are ideas I haven't even taken photos yet for.  I'll be sure to post some completed pages for them soon!  Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Photos...Group Shots!

Here are some of the group shots we took after the ceremony.

There was a hot dog stand by our photo location.  Total score!
The night before my wedding all the girls had lingerie party for me.  One friend gave me a sexy coupon book with cartoon pictures...the cartoon girl was making this face in everyone. 
My vintage shoe clips I bought on etsy.  Loved this "something old".
No summer day is complete without a trip to 7 Eleven for SLUSHEES!

 I know its cheesy but we had to have a train tracks photo...your wedding day photo shoot isn't complete without one.

 We only had our photographer for the beginning of our reception so I don't have pro picture of the party.  Here are a few of our set up and speeches though.

My wedding cake was made completely from scratch by my awesome friend Jen!  She slaved over it but it turned out awesome and was so good!

I loved my wedding!  Sorry for the total picture overload!  Believe it on not this is only about a tenth of the great photos I have.