Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding Guestbook

I got married in August and wanted to incorporate my hobby into the wedding.

Our amazing photographer, Dani K Johnson, gave us this free "Get to know you shoot" when we booked our wedding with her.  I used the photos for our guestbook/scrapbook.

I kept the design really simple so I wouldn't look too messy when I added the cards.  I used black, white, and charcoal grey (my wedding color) for all the elements.

When I designed the book I set it up so pre printed cards that the guest wrote on could be glued in after.  Now that the wedding is over and we're home from the honeymoon I finally got around to gluing in all the cards.  It was super fun to read what everyone wrote and a great feeling to have the project totally done.  I remember when I first came up with the idea; it seems like forever ago and now I am married with a completed guestbook...so happy :)!

Also, there are way more pages but it would be a huge post if I showed you them all.  You get the idea.  Enjoy :)

Next step is scrapbooking all the photo booth pictures.  Can't wait!


  1. Great photos and commemorative books here.

  2. This is such a sweet idea. I will have to remember this for the next wedding in our family. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. That is so pretty, I love it. I love the little cards and the way the album hold them. Great job, thanks for sharing! It reminds me that I need to work on my album.

  4. oh what a fantastic idea!! I may just steal it, hehe. I'm planning our wedding next year and need all the ideas I can get!! got any more?? :)

  5. Lovely project:-)I love the gorgeous colours you chose for this, so fitting!

  6. what a great guest book - very creative and cool :D

    thanks for visiting me during my babymoon :D