Friday, October 22, 2010

New Page Sketches: One and Two Page Layouts

Here are a few new page sketches I did.  Normally I am very biased towards two page sketches but since I've been blogging and checking out all your blogs I've decided to experiment and do more one page stuff. 

I already have pictures print for some of these pages...others are ideas I haven't even taken photos yet for.  I'll be sure to post some completed pages for them soon!  Happy Friday!!!


  1. What great sketches. How do you do this? I am no good with graphics, much less come up with a sketch on my own.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the sketches. I am also intrigued with how sketches are created on a computer & would love to give it a try - how about a tutorial? ;-D

  3. Great sketches!! Love to try them sometime, especially the 2 pagers! (find them so hard to do!). Thanks for sharing!