Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to Winter

I spent my weekend at my first ever scrapbook retreat.  No surprise that it was the best thing ever.  They call it "The Perfect Weekend" and it really was.  I can't believe home much I got done!!!  Of course I am still no where near caught up but getting there at least feels possible now.

The retreat was at a nearby ski resort so even though it's been spring for a while I got another little taste of winter.  It snowed ever day we were there!

Now that I'm back it's time to officially say good-bye to winter...here are three winter layouts I did while I was there.  After this it'll be all spring and summer!  Enjoy.

White Christmas
Spending Christmas with my husbands uncle and his wife was great because I had another non-asian to help me show his family the Canadian traditions (like Christmas popper crowns) they were missing out on.

I love the banner on this.  I am so glad I found a great page to use it on.

The next day we call drove the Whistler.  It was great!  I've never been but we enjoyed the village.  It was a great day of food and shopping.  We almost got stuck there due to snow and I almost wish we had.

May favorite photo is the one of us all on the Olympic sign.  Notice that my husband and his brother climbed into the top circles.  It was so slippery and shaky I was terrified for them...made for a great picture though!

Family Photo
We always joke with my friend Jess that she is like our child.  This year we decided to get a family photo with Santa.  Too bad my husband looks like he's supposed to be my child here too.

I did over 20 layouts last week and have a ton of scrapbooking motivation left over so expect a lot of posts from me in the next few weeks.

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