Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our First Tree!

Since I just got married to my husband in August and we didn't live together before hand this is our first year decorating our own tree for Christmas.  We cut in down in the forest so its not quite perfect but that's party what we lave about it.

When I originally wrote this post I did not mention that I used the Creative Scrapper Sketch #132 because I thought I missed their deadline.  I just checked their blog and as it turns out I'm just losing my mind...there is still another 2 weeks to enter for this sketch!  Here it the sketch I used.  I stretched it out to make it a two pager.


  1. This is a GORGEOUS layout! Gosh - I love everything about it.

    Enjoy your first married Christmas together!

  2. Awesome, I just love those little squares, like each of them is telling a story.

  3. Not sure what happened to the comment I just left? Oh well! Was just sayin' you rocked this one - love your take on the sketch!!